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Bonus Stage | Unlocking The Gaming Industry

May 28, 2021

Jeff sits down with Tommy Norberg, a level designer who's worked on games such as Just Cause 2 and Payday 2. He's an expert at creating living, breathing worlds and levels to make them feel unique and immersive. Now, he works for The Game Assembly, a Swedish game design school, teaching Level Design to students...

May 22, 2021

Jeff manages to snag Tracy at the peak of their most successful Kickstarter to date - You Are The Dungeon. They talk about their path from creating games on a whim to becoming a full-time game designer as well as freelancer for tabletop RPGs and Kickstarter project consultants.

Tracy's latest project You are the Dungeon...

May 14, 2021

The Chasing XP team wrassled up the likes of Mark Iversen from Eddaheim, Nathan Brower from Siren Head: Retribution, and Alessandro Biollo from The Stonebot Studio for our second Develoepr Roundtable!


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May 7, 2021

Six british actors teamed up to make a tv show....
And No, this isn't Monty Python

Andy and Dennis from NotGames talk about their first forays as a viral video game in the early 2010's, how to film a fake tv show for a video game during a global pandemic, as well as their experience working with one of the largest indie...